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Photographer, creative soul, artist

Welcome to Alex Harris Photography's blog! Let me tell you a little about myself! I thought a perfect way to introduce myself is to include a few interview questions about myself and my photography.

The Basics

  1. Where did you grow up?

"I grew up in Rochester Hills and Serling Heights, Michigan. I was often "up north" with my grandparents in Houghton Lake, Michigan for every school break and summer break, so I did a lot of growing up there too. When I was 15, we moved to Macomb Township, Michigan and this is where I was able to study photography in High School. With that said, obviously I did a lot of growing up there too. Overall though, when asked, Rochester Hills, Michigan; a suburb of Metro Detroit".

2. How would you describe your childhood?

"I had a wonderful childhood! I spent a lot of time with my mom on the weekends listening to records while cleaning and gardening. Every other weekend I was at my Dads house where we spent some weekends at Gibraltar Trade Center and out in his garage always accompanied by the dogs. I also spent a lot of time with my Nana and Papa, not only spending weeks at time at their house but we would go on what my Papa called 'Great Adventures'. They were too! I had a really great childhood for sure".

3. What did you want to be when you grew up?

"A great so many things! In fourth grade I wrote a paper on wanting to be a neurosurgeon. I also wanted to be a veterinarian, but then I realized there would be some really hard things in that profession. For a long time though, since I played the Oboe, I really thought I would want to be a music teacher and a musician".

4. What should we know about you?

"I am an photographer and I love capturing your authentic and unique story. I am also a goofball who loves to make you laugh. I am a people person but I can be a tad bit shy. As I get older and build my business, that shyness isn't as present. I love anything music and have an eclectic taste in music. Currently I am obsessed with @phoebebridgers and @blondshell; check them out right now! I am a crafter who loves all things paper, stickers, glitter and glue. Cooking and baking is something I really enjoy doing to relax. I love getting my nails done and buying dresses with pockets. Even though I have considered myself a tomboy for a long time, I started getting my nails done and it is my way of spoiling myself. I love Michigan, I love the outdoors and the water so Michigan is the perfect place for me! Most importantly, I am a creative soul who can se the beauty in everything and everyone".

Alex the Photographer

1. When did you start as a professional photographer?

"As a professional, since 2010, Long before that though I was looking through a view finder".

2. Where does your story begin as a photographer?

"Okay, it's a bit of a long one, but here it goes! I have always been interested in photography since I was a young girl looking at old black and white photos of my family. My Dad has all of his family albums full of photographs of our family celebrating life and our polish heritage in Hamtramck and Detroit, Michigan. My Papa also had albums from his family showing his family history. There were not only black and white photos but also Daguerreotype's and Tintypes of his family in Bay City, Michigan and overseas".

"With all of this exposure (haha, no pun intended) to photos along with the cameras my grandpa collected over the years, I was drawn to photography as a whole. Every opportunity I had to take photos I did. With disposable cameras, polaroid's and everyday film cameras, I captured my childhood travels with my grandparents and my everyday life living in suburban Detroit, Michigan".

"When I was in high school, I moved from my childhood home which also meant I was going to a new school. This new school offered a photography class and I absolutely fell deeper in love with photography, specifically black and white film photography".

"Directly after high school, literally less than a month after walking across the stage, I picked up my life and moved to Pittsburgh, PA to study photography at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. There I learned everything I could about photography focusing on black and white film photography and photojournalism. When I came home from college, I started working under two Master Photographers of PPA, and fell in love with portraits and learned how to run a business. With them, I photographed my first wedding and from there, I was off to the races!

Finally, after working with these two amazing photographers, not only learning but growing, I decided it was time to part way and build my own business. It may have taken a few years but with the knowledge I have learned as well as my skill and passion, I started Alex Harris Photography and Home Baby Photos. I capture images that are authentic and intentional, moments you will have forever".

3. Tell us about your greatest inspirations and your influences in your photography?

"There are so many talented photographers out there and something I always say is 'there are enough people in the world for all the photographers to photograph'. Of course, I love early Annie Leibovitz. In the same genre, Bob Gruen is another amazing photographer that I love. He captured some of my all time favorite musicians for Rolling Stone like Led Zeppelin, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, The Rolling Stones and so many more!

For a long time I was infatuated with Ansel Adams photography of Yosemite. One day I would love to photography Glacier National Park the way he photographed Yosemite. I also really love Sally Mann. Not only her photos but her processes and techniques are so cool. Vivian Maier was an amazing street photographer and all of her work is absolutely inspirational".

"I have to also mention a few photographers that I am currently following and love their work. They are capturing important and significant moments in our history. Samuel Corum is an amazing photojournalism based in Washington D.C. and has captured very raw and emotional photographs of the protest going on in those areas. Another photographer that I had the pleasure of going to school with at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Jared Wickerham. He captures stunning photographs of sports all over the world and is an amazing photojournalist capturing stunning portraits, current events and protest in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ".

"As for my influences elsewhere, where I live is a lot of my inspiration. I live in Mount Clemens, Michigan. A small town in Macomb County that is making a comeback. It's a small urban area where you can drive a few miles north and be in the country, a few miles south and you're in Detroit. If you go west, it opens the whole state of Michigan up and East, well that will take you to Canada. Literally like less than five miles and you're in Canada. Honestly, where I live is so centrally located, I really get to photograph at some amazing places like Nichols Arboretum in Ann Arbor and the historic Colony Club in Detroit".

3. From both a creative and technical perspective, how would you describe your creative process?

"I have always been creative. I pride myself on that. When it comes to my photography, I really owe it all to my classical training in black and white film photography. With learning how to operate a manual camera, I really learned the ins and outs of photography. That has helped me become the photographer I am today. I guess I would call my creative process old school. I do still use a physical date book and pencil".

4. Which is your favorite lens?

"Canon EF 24- 105mm. Hands down. I know, I know, I know, it's not a prime lens or anything special but it literally is my go-to".

5. How important is Photography to you? What significance does it have in your life?

"Photography has had a major role in my life since 2005 when I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life looking through the lens of my manual Minolta camera. Since going full time as a photographer, I have never been so happy and fulfilled with my life. Not only do I get to make my own schedule which allows me to be available during the work week for my clients, but I get to capture these special moments in some of the most stunning locations and venues across the world. Photography is honestly my life's work and I take each photo with intention to capture the authenticity and beauty of you and the world around us"!

6. What are your dreams and plans for the future?

"What a great question! I have always been a 'live in the moment' type of personality so planning was never my thing but I know my future is bright, after all, we are in it! I want to continue to make sure each and every person I come into contact with feels amazing and appreciated. I want to continue to capture beautiful images that show love, humanity and happiness. I will continue to strive to work on things that I am not the best at, like blogs and social media. I am an empath, an artist and photographer and will continue to be for the rest of my days"!

That's a wrap!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my first blog! Post will be done weekly on Sunday! See you next weekend!



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